Friday, 7 November 2014

Willow Appreciation

At this time of year practically all deciduous trees have shed their leaves and are looking skeletal and bleak. The exception are the willows. Particularly the weeping willows which are the first trees to don new leaves in spring and the last to shed them in the fall.

Weeping willows are not recommended for planting near foundations or buried water pipes and they do shed some twigs and branches which can be a nuisance to the neat obsessed lawn owner. That aside and if one has the space, they are fast growing and add a dramatic touch to the landscape. A breeze animates their fronds into a lovely and graceful hula dance. They bring to mind scenes of the romantic south. Or of classical oriental art. Or of opening scenes in British murder mysteries.

Dawn's light applies a gild to weeping willow leaves.

A curtain of willow branches in the early morning.

As winter approaches, poplar and willow trees still clutch their robes.


  1. Striking photos! We don't have any willow. How beautiful!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I love them and the birds appreciate the cover. And it's relaxing to watch the long leafy branches swaying in the breeze.

  2. Hi, I hopped to your from Jennifer J, and your weeping willow in the morning, that is totally wonderful , beautiful colours on those drooping branches. Regards, Jean McK.


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