Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Repurposed Frames

As days get shorter and temperatures drop, backyard birds are grateful for feeding stations. And especially prized are the ones situated near safety cover such as evergreens and brush piles. I have both in spades! Also abundant is my stash of used honey frames. The ones that are very grotty end up as kindling for my wood burning stove. Frames that are too nice for burning but no longer up to bee hive standard are stacked in my workshop. I've repurposed some of these frames as bird feeders. A bit of window screen stapled to one side for drainage and voila! Almost instant feeding trays. 

A new buffet awaits feathered patrons.

The first customers are always chickadees.

Bluejays quickly remove all peanuts for safekeeping.

A slate-coloured junco and a chipping sparrow inspect the menu.

A goldfinch patronizing one of the older establishments.

Not all customers are feathered. Some wear very stylish fur coats.

I was surprised to see a busy little red squirrel covering the seed in the trays with dried leaves and fungus. Does he/she think the food will be unnoticed by others with this ploy? After all, it's still a recognizable feeding tray. Well, that's his/her business. I should now quit puttering about and attend to my own chores -- like charging the snow blower battery or putting my car's winter tires on. Or at the very least, washing up the breakfast dishes. Well, maybe after a small coffee break!

A red squirrel's attempt to hide sunflower seeds.


  1. what a great repurposing idea and great selection of visitors! I wonder what the squirrel was really trying to do?

  2. That's delightful! Crafty squirrels.
    Great idea for reuse, recycle!

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I hope your backyard deer friends manage to avoid the hunters.


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