Friday, 1 August 2014

Sleeping Beauties

I grow cosmos flowers for two reasons. Reason One: They make colourful, long lasting bouquets. Reason Two: They pump out lots of pollen which is much appreciated by pollinating insects and in autumn the seeds are relished by birds.

So, very early yesterday morning I headed for the garden to cut some of them for flower arrangements. I quietly entered the garden hoping to surprise and shoot (with a camera only) the deer that has been hanging out there lately. No deer. But what I did see was many little sleeping native bees. They were anchored to cosmos petals with their mandibles and waiting for the day to warm up before breaking their naps. I think they were mostly long-horned bees but I am certainly no expert. 

Sleeping face down in cosmos pollen.

Hanging tight with mandibles and tarsal claws.

Covered with cold dew and specks of pollen.

Almost time to awake and greet the day.

Another sleeping beauty!

One reward from visiting the garden very early is that I get the occasional blackberry snack before the robins and cat birds find them.

Cosmos bouquets ready to go.

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  1. It's true. You have to be up early to get those berries!


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