Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Garden Harvest

This morning I walked out to my garden patch to harvest some Swiss chard for lunch. Evidently someone else had the same idea last night.  Fresh deer tracks suggested the resident doe enjoyed a buffet. Beside the garden I have a stock tank which I use for watering the plants. I can just imagine her sauntering over to it and washing down her big meal.

Munched Swiss Chard.

Munched bean tops.

Now I certainly don't begrudge the deer having this tasty meal but I really don't want my asparagus seedlings trampled to smitherines. So-o-o, this evening I'll drizzle some of my personal scent (urine) around the garden perimeter -- a duty formerly performed by my dog, Henry. Sadly, he passed away a few months ago at the age of fifteen -- a generous life span for a sheltie. No, I don't intend to take over his barking duties as well.

August, 2013. Munching soybeans in a neighbouring field.

So take a picture, why don'cha!

Can't see me now!

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  1. Toads, I haven't seen toads here for ages! Thousands of leopard frogs. What a hoot. My deer like the plants and they are merciless, aren't they?!


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