Sunday, 24 August 2014

Look Up!

And I don't mean just take a glance up. I mean, really look up and have a good gander! Gaze deeply into the sky and take time to watch the show parading across the blue expanse. There are birds migrating south and birds hawking for insects. I saw a turkey vulture soar over as if riding an invisible conveyor belt. Tree swallows with their young are feeding heavily to gain energies needed for their fall migration. They wheel and stall to snatch prey items with very impressive acrobatics. Seagulls glide very high overhead, their white feathers looking spectacular against the deep blue background.

The sky is constantly changing colour and mood. Clouds form and then dismember. For me, sky gazing is somehow akin to watching the ocean waves or the flames of a campfire. It all has a calming effect and the feeling that life goes on as it should.

Last night my sister was enjoying the warm evening out on her deck when she wondered if the space station was transiting across our area. She looked up and sure enough, there it was. How marvelous to know that people are up there, orbiting the earth in an object the size of a football field. Earthbound folk can see the sun rise every 24 hours. The International Space Station crew can watch the sun rise every 92 minutes. (A rooster on board would drive them crazy.)

So, find a spot that offers a good viewing expanse of sky. Recline yourself on a comfortable chair. Place a small pillow or folded towel behind your neck. Use sunglasses to avoid eye strain. Have binoculars and a drink handy. Enjoy!

Tree swallows hunting insects high overhead.

My 'stay-cation' sight seeing chair.

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