Friday, 27 September 2019

It's Now A Pleasure

Like many folk in the Northern Hemisphere, September is my favourite month.

Yard work that was heat and mosquito plagued during the summer is now a comfortable pleasure. Weed trees, over-grown shrubs and vines can be safely trimmed without fear of disturbing nesting birds. As a bonus, the exercise and fresh country air provide a good night's sleep. October should be almost as wonderful for outside projects! November usually has me scrambling to winterize.

Ellie Mae loves the jungle-like aspect of our grounds.

Hogging too much light from the veg patch, some of these trees will be culled.

Not yet migrated, this catbird was calling for most of the day.

Cedar Waxwings are currently enjoying the yard's mountain ash berries.

*  *  *  *  *
My honey bee hives produced a nice crop of honey again this year. Since I take my share in July, the honey is light coloured and delicately flavoured. I especially love it on pumpernickle toast.

A honey bee gathering pollen from a fading anemone flower.

The hummingbirds have migrated but their feeder still attracts clients.

Harvest of 2019, a light coloured July honey. It was a very good year.

*  *  *  *  *
In the comments section of the previous post, Verna G inquired about the handicapped mother raccoon and her children. Well Verna, I have not seen them for weeks now. I suppose they have mostly gone their separate ways to hunt for food. Nearby there are vast acreages of field corn and miles of ditches to forage in. Perhaps the smallest kit will stick close to her this winter. Judging by how well the mom could scramble up tree trunks and posts, she should be okay. I'll always wonder what could have caused those injuries.


  1. Golden honey, delicious. Today, Ellie Mae, you are my pick, so beautiful sitting up there.

  2. Ellie Mae looks like she is in her element. Think your traveling hummers are here. I keep my feeders up for the migrating ones till I no longer see any. Looks like the bees are happy the hummers are gone.

  3. What a beautiful cat!
    Lovely bees, too.

  4. Yes Ellie Mae has quite the territory to explore and enjoy. I’m so happy you had a good honey summer. Looks delicious! My anemone is starting to fade too but it had a lovely run and was enjoyed by many bees. I worried about that mother raccoon too but she seemed to have adapted well to the disabilities. Happy October, Florence.

  5. Florence, these photos are wonderful! Thanks so much for dropping by my own blog (and your very kind comments), gosh what a nice blog you have here. I look forward to looking at more of your posts.


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