Sunday, 28 July 2019

Evening Sightings

Fireflies (also called Lightning Bugs) were really flashing last night. Atop bushes, they looked like hundreds of cigarette lighters randomly sparking on and then off. One could almost expect a concert to begin.

But before the firefly light show commences, a mother raccoon and her five kits begin their evening forage. Causing her to limp, the mom has an injured right paw. She has, however, no trouble climbing. She also has an injury to her right eye. The smallest of her five youngsters sticks very close to her. The others are much more independent.

A mother raccoon accompanied by her five youngsters.

Her right paw and her right eye are injured.

The lily pond is always interesting to these foragers.

Her smallest and clingiest baby is always the first to follow her.

Mom frequently pauses to scan for any sign of danger.

*  *  *  *  *
I have to laugh at the way I sometimes mishear things. On YouTube, I was watching a beat officer give a guided tour of the homeless in their city tent settlement. I thought the fast talking officer said, "That woman right there was cleaning silver for three years ..." Well, that's positive I thought. She was gainfully employed. But my brain slowly corrected my ears by re-interpreting, "That woman right there was clean and sober for three years ..." Sadly, he went on to explain that she fell off the wagon when someone offered her crack cocaine. I do hope that she can someday manage to again pick up her can of Silvo and polishing cloth.


  1. Love the family that sticks together, hope her leg heals. And Silvo, I was sorting out the second to last box that was still unopened, and behold!!! 2 cans of Silvo there. I, too,sometimes mishear some words, this is so funny for us both.

  2. Aww, that poor mama raising 5 babies while having difficulty seeing and walking. I really feel for her.
    Yes, lets hope that homeless woman is polishing silver soon.

  3. Ah. So many with difficult lives.
    Your raccoons are wonderful. They are so interesting.

  4. That poor raccoon mom but raising the little ones fine it seems. I haven't seen the fellow in our garage since. But I'm thinking he'd be wise to stay here what with the pond and no streets nearby. Anyway, we misinterpret what we're hearing all the time. Sometimes hilariously too. I just hate drugs...addiction is such a horrible thing.

  5. Please tell us how your raccoon has made out. I know they can be a bother but they are so sweet to look at.

    1. I agree Verna. They are as cute as buttons! I havn't seen them in weeks though, so I assume they are travelling elsewhere or just coming out after dark.

  6. We have an injured raccoon, too. They function quite well!


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