Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Usual Crowd

On this morning's CBC Ottawa radio broadcast, a weather reporter declared that March came in like a wet lion. I would call it more of a wet lamb. We have mild weather and lots of rain. Much of our snow has melted away. The usual crowd of birds are now returning from their winter vacations. Their early morning songs declare that winter's days are numbered.

Red-winged blackbirds and cowbirds forage in mixed flocks.

Starlings are all business as they energetically probe the lawn for edibles.

A soft maple tree now resembles a scene from the Hitchcock film, 'The Birds'.

The same tree still provides my red squirrel with nutritious maple keys.

Last week on this maple, my screech owl was scolded by two nuthatches.

Ellie Mae and my knees will soon part company when Spring beckons us outside.


  1. Here, we are officially in Autumn. A grey morning, birds have had their breakfast, scraps from Hugh's toast, and all cats lying in the cool indoors. Love the squirrel in the tree.

  2. Wonderful photos! I haven't been lucky enough to see a cowbird yet, must keep my eyes open.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. It's so true!
    We have blackbirds, no grackles. Yet.
    I just adore your owl!

  4. Pretty new Header! I miss seeing the birds, Florence as we are surrounded by evergreens close to the house which don't allow sightings. Even at my bird feeders there have only been chickadees and a couple of may take a while to build a clientele. LOL Loved seeing your photos. What I wouldn't give to have your owl around. I noted that very pretty quilt behind Ellie Mae btw.

    1. 'Building a clientele' -- never thought of it that way but it sounds nice. Thanks for the header compliment -- the old one was getting a bit dreary. The quilt was made by my quilting sister. She used our late parent's winter shirts and blouses. How resourceful was that?!


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