Friday, 3 February 2017

The February Scene

Yesterday, snow flurries were heavy at times. Late in the afternoon the bluejays were elsewhere and my little screech owl decided it was safe to risk exposure on his/her roost box perch.

My screech owl neighbour enjoys a peaceful rest on it's front porch.

It gazes up at flocks of crows heading to their winter roost location.

The snow does not melt on this well insulated feather coat.

Last Spring, when I first saw my resident red squirrel, I didn't think it had much of a chance at survival. The young animal's left hind leg was only a short stump. There were no older squirrels or siblings in sight so I presumed some calamity to it's family had occurred. I certainly didn't think it would last the winter. Happily, I was mistaken. The disadvantaged little squirrel has not only survived but is doing quite well. While it does not jump as well as an intact squirrel, it can still shuttle about tree branches with remarkable skill. I think it's a male and I've named it 'Timmy'. What a valiant little champion!

Timmy was moving some dried grass to a den in a nearby brush pile.

As he neatens his bundle, you can see his leg stump.

This rustic 'handicap ramp' facilitates feeder access.


  1. And I just wonder who put the handy ramp right there? I'm sure some other objects or aides might make there way round about as well .He is a darling.

  2. A handicapped squirrel ramp...too adorable. So happy to hear the little fellow is alive and well and he couldn't have a better neighbour than you. I just never thought to see an owl with snow on him like that. I've just had my second sighting of the same owl (I think) that I saw last summer. Dusk seems like a good time to spot him.

  3. I just love that you put in the ramp. Way to go and long live that little guy. Interesting about the owl's insulation. Makes sense, like a well insulated home will maintain snow on the roof.

  4. Great photos of your neighbour the owl. What a beautiful bird.
    So glad the little squirrel survived! Love the handicap ramp!

  5. It is a real pleasure to see you Screech Owl!

  6. Love that "snowy" screech owl...nice of you to put a handicap ramp for the squirrel.


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