Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Summer Sweets

A few days ago I pulled some honey from my hives. This early harvest was quite mild, in fact wine tasters would likely pronounce it "lacking in character". Still, an early sweet treat that when drizzled over a small dish of salted peanuts makes a very satisfying snack. 

A jar of early honey becomes an amber jewel.

Two little fliers zoom in on a freshly filled nectar feeder.

Sugar water drips do not go to waste.

I like to train my binoculars on the edge of the hay field at the back of our property.

This coyote was focused on something to the south and ignored me completely.

Among the many joys of summer are fresh and cheerful bouquets.


  1. Cosmos, sweet peas, beautiful colours together, and the other? is it Queen Anne's Lace? Lovely honey, and so satisfying to know it is all your own.

  2. As always, I appreciate your blog visit, Jean. My white background flowers are Queen Anne's lace as well as some yarrow. I like to use them to hold the stems of the other flowers upright. Our current drought is quite mean on our garden flowers.

  3. I'm so impressed with you and your own bees making honey. It looks absolutely beautiful. Enjoy 'the fruits of your labour' as they say. I love your bouquets...nothing better. Funny how you look to the edge of field property did we in our other spot. That's where the deer and other interesting critters hung out just like your coyote. Such a thrill to spy them.

    1. Yes, I love seeing the wild critters that live here. It's a bit like having a safari park but without the work.

  4. Making your own honey (or at least have bees do it just for you!) must be great! Who cares if its a bit mild to start with!

    Glad you liked my Glasgow post. Next one will be from a little further north.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  5. I am so impressed with honey peeps! I keep meaning to bring flowers in, but I don't! It's a pretty picture.


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