Sunday, 10 July 2016

Jimmy or Jenny?

I have quite a soft spot for skunks. Their black and white coat is elegant haute couture. They help keep rodent populations in check and you have to admire their natural ability to use 'bear spray' if threatened. Skunks and I have shared many walkabouts and I must say, they have been nothing but polite to me. My cat, Ellie Mae, prefers them to other cats.

When I was about five, I saw my first litter of baby skunks tottering behind their foraging mother and was forever smitten by their cuteness. As children, we thoroughly enjoyed the series of fictional animal adventure books by Thornton W. Burgess. One of these was titled 'The Adventures Of Jimmy Skunk'. Consequently, we tend to label each skunk we see with the nickname of Jimmy.

Early some mornings, I spy my resident Jimmy stopping by a little pond for a drink before denning up for the day. I notice that the animal has a bulge that could either be a full stomach or a baby bump. Perhaps 'Jenny' would be a more appropriate name. 

Jimmy skunk takes an early morning drink from my backyard tub.

He seems to check for edibles that might live around the water.

Could that be a baby bump or just a well fed stomach?

A few years ago, I had fun sculpting this little character from polymer clay.


  1. Wonderful post and beautiful photos. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  2. Several years ago I caught 2 said I had to keep them a couple of weeks so they wouldn't die of fright when descented....I had them in a cage for a week...they never sprayed when I fed and watered them...I decided to let them go...they were adults and I couldn't think of them living in a cage the rest of their lives...

    1. Nice to know there are fellow skunk fans out there, Carol. Glad you set your captives free.

  3. I love your sculpture! And so happy that other people name their visitors! I love how the skunks just ignore us, if we simply watch. cheers!


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