Monday, 18 January 2016

Winter Furs

As we are in the depth of winter, I can't help but admire some local fur coats. And of course I mean those worn by their rightful, original owners.

A plump red squirrel in a cozy, rust coloured coat.

Former feral and now pampered pet, Ellie Mae, doesn't ask to go outside much these days. Aside from the cold, she seems to dislike the local tom cats who prowl about the property. I've seen her run off smaller females who wander in but she is no match for the big old toms. When she spots one from her window seat, she stands up and growls. But I feel sorry for these seemingly wild wanderers and during the cold months I keep a handout dish in my garage to supplement their hunting. The following black and white snaps were from the trail camera I have set up in my garage.

Night visitors (top to bottom) Thomas, Gray Owl and Cisco.

As snow falls, wandering Cisco examines a dried leaf.

On a cold and windy morning, Thomas hunts for mice.

He spots a hopeful sign. A moving twig, perhaps?

Her Ladyship, Ellie Mae, keeps watch from her window bed.


  1. It's nice that you keep a "handout" dish for the strays who come by during the year...winter especially. Our "feral cat" feeder is open to any who need food. Our 2 cats usually spend the night on the porch the woodstove. Guess we are critter lovers.

  2. Wonderful photos! Buster was unceremoniously thrown outdoors this morning!


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