Thursday, 25 September 2014

Morning Ramble

Today while my porridge was cooling, I took an early morning walk on some trails I've bush-hogged on our property. Of course, I packed along my camera and took a few snaps.

Tramping west on a foggy morning.

The fog lifts to reveal our hardwood bush at the end of the lane.

Heading north through the pine plantation.

South bound towards the row of poplars.

Wild grapes are abundant and festoon trees and fences.

Robins were snacking on these before I walked by.

Looking back at the poplars and a row of New England asters.

Honey bees were foraging on the late season blooms.

Parotid glands on this little toad make him unpleasant tasting to potential predators.

If one has a pair of sound legs, I think a morning walk is the absolute best form of exercise. And of course, flora and fauna sightings are a bonus.

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