Sunday, 28 September 2014

Honey Bee Picnic

Today was lovely! Sunny and warm. A perfect day for a picnic. So I laid one on. But not with sandwiches, cupcakes and lemonade on a red gingham table cloth. Instead I made little troughs from unassembled honey frame bottoms and drizzled sugar syrup into them. I placed them over a serving tray to catch any sticky drips and then set the offering on my deck.

Before long a few honey bees dropped in.

They filled up, returned to their respective hives and spread the word.

About fifteen minutes later. The crowd is increasing.

Some gathered in little groups.

As the afternoon wore on, more and more arrived.

Each guest was polite and peaceful. No pushing or fighting. I quite enjoyed watching them slurping up the treat as I sat beside them in the afternoon sun. So little effort on my part to please so many little foragers.

Their harvest season is almost over and flower sources are now greatly diminished. This convenient picnic will help them conserve winter stores. And next summer -- if winter is kind to them -- they will provide me with their delicious gift of wildflower honey.

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