Saturday, 21 June 2014

More Flutter

Summer has arrived and the backyard birds are busy raising their new families. All this hectic fluttering about brings many customers to the bathing/drinking facilities.

A goldfinch waits for the cedar waxwings to finish bathing.

A female redwing blackbird points her sharp beak at an unconcerned robin.

A grackle's turn to soak.

As in many previous years, barn swallows have built their mud nest on a small ledge in our open-ended garage. Such a pleasure to watch their 'top gun' style hunting on the wing. When not busy with child feeding duties, the couples converse with long and musical twitterings.

Four fuzzy barn swallow chicks.

Arriving parents produce a quartet of begging.

The female delivering a meal.

The male has darker colours.

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  1. So how do you get them to pose for pics Leonarda? Amazing and I agree that it's time to turn to indoor games but! some farm houses and barns are positioned in the middle (to minimize travel from the front and "out back' fields) rather than along a road. So who will shovel snow from the middle to the road? I love your pics though. guess who Hilltop.


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