Friday, 27 June 2014

Foster Foolery

Today I saw a young cowbird hanging out on a feeder. It performed a begging display to every bird that came close. What poor little bird wound up with this illegitimate egg dropped on it's doorstep, er, nest? Soon all was revealed. A frantically foraging little song sparrow was doing her best to satisfy the demands of the fraudulent child. In all likelihood, the sparrow's own chicks were ousted by the faster growing young cowbird. Better luck with your second clutch, little sparrow. 

Young cowbird coaxing to be fed.

Song sparrow foster mother feeding her adopted chick.

A small harvester spider makes only a tiny snack.

Also tempting my camera were some well dressed gentlemen of the feathered kind. 

A male Baltimore oriole takes a cooling dip.

Male purples finches have a lovely raspberry hue.

This male rose-breasted grosbeak has an interesting bib pattern.

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