Thursday, 6 February 2014

Sweet Dreams

Last night I dreamed that my mother and I were in our barn and happily petting our family's two Clydesdale mares, Mable and Bess. Such a sweet and vivid dream.

I awoke and realized that my dream was inspired by creatures, both equine and human, that shared my life more than 50 years ago. They have long since passed away but I am privileged to live on and to now enjoy the pleasures of retirement while surrounded by the wonderful native flora and fauna here.

Perhaps the aforementioned sweet dream was inspired only hours before I went to sleep, when I perused through photos of my garden flowers, summer birds and honey bees. At any rate, so refreshing to have such a pleasant dream. A welcome change from the usual pesky fare of failed car brakes, misplaced important articles and impossible tasks --- the more usual stuff brought by 'Nightmare Alice'.

Anyway, light of day and Eastern Ontario is still in the grip of a Polar Vortex that makes us all shiver and dream of the summer sun.

My Eastern Screech Owl neighbour is peering, through squinted eyes, out of his winter roosting box. He has been using this box for daytime concealment for over a week now -- and for a decade of winters.

Will 2014 be the first Spring this box is used for screech owl brood? After a decade of watching these boxes made specifically for them, I certainly do hope so.

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