Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Balmy Days

We have been enjoying much higher temperatures than normally seen at this time of year. Lounging on the deck in short sleeves while sipping a summer drink at this time of year has been a special luxury. And to ice the cake -- NO MOSQUITOS!!! Yesterday was so warm and sunny that I hung my laundry on the backyard clothesline. Turned out the sun was too low on the horizon and the air too moist to have a good drying effect. Still it was a cheery sight.

*   *   *   *   *

Eastern Ontario is currently experiencing an unusual invasion. Boxelder bugs. They are only 12.5 mm long and quite harmless apart from the annoyance factor. Because of the very dry summer we had, these bugs enjoyed a baby boom. They lay their eggs and feed on Manitoba Maples (a.k.a. Box Elders) of which I have aplenty. Like tiny cats, they love to bask in sunlight. Indoors, they settle for the glare of televisions, house lights and computer screens. Other years at this time, I would be giving the 'bums rush' to Asian Ladybugs that enter this old farm house. This year, not so much. 


A Boxelder Bug peers up from my kitchen sink.


I quite enjoyed listening to an audio book I downloaded from our library. It's titled 'Lady In Waiting: My Extraordinary Life In The Shadow Of The Crown'. The audio book is narrated by the author, Anne Glenconner. Her aristocratic life is one of privilege but not immune from drama and tragedy. I highly recommend this read or listen.


Balmy weather called for walkabouts with the trusty old camera.

Our weeping willows are always the last to drop their leaves.

Southward bound Canadians.

Ripe and edible Nanny berries. They taste much like prunes.

A secret nest no secret anymore.

Two friends relaxing in a sunny patch.

A couple of patrons on my new feeder.

My screech owl buddy catching some rays.

No, he's not commenting. Just horking up a pellet.

Reddy and I pause to exchange our hellos.

Ellie Mae listening for tiny rustlings in the grass.



  1. Florence, as much as I enjoy your photos (loved those geese and your wise screech owl) I think the one of those clothes on your clothesline wins Photo of the Year. I mean it, took me right back to my grandma’s clothesline which was many moons ago :-) We’ve been experiencing the same sultry temps here in Pittsburgh, yesterday it was around 80F (27 celsius). I’ve yet to pack away my summer duds! Anyway, your audiobook sounds good, and yes, great news on the vaccine –and- our new president. Hoping this national (more like global) nightmare is almost over! Joe Biden is a class act and Kamala Harris is a real step forward. Okay, going back up to look at Ellie Mae again, I bet nothing gets past her!

    1. I do love the fresh scent of laundry dried by the sun and gentle breezes. Isn't this warm spell a delight?!! But I know winter is cantering this way and I've already changed my summer tires over to the winter set. Ellie Mae is quite the character, Doug. I should do an expose on her sometime. I agree with you that pres-elect Bidden is a class act.

    2. Well Florence, if we got half the winter you always get, I'd probably be a lot more appreciative of this Indian summer weather; I remember YOUR winter last year more than my own! Anyway, yes on the expose of Ellie Mae please, haha :-)

  2. These are wonderful photos!
    It was wacky November weather.

    1. It sure was wacky, Jennifer. And last winter was much warmer than usual as well.

  3. I'm assuming the bluebirds have left, Florence. Yes, we've been enjoying these temperatures so much and feel quite spoiled. I hate to come inside. I've not seen these insects but I do have a Manitoba vine that wraps around things in the garden. I'm sure they are out there. Juncos are here now and I've put out suet so have woodpeckers pretty regularly. Your land looks very much like ours and thanks very much for the photos.

    1. The last time I saw my bluebird family was on October 24th. And they were busily examining the now cleaned out and numbered nest boxes. So I fully expect and look forward to them returning in late March 2021. Have not put out suet for my birds yet, Jocelyn. I like to wait until I'm sure the raccoons stop their nightly visits.


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