Monday, 18 November 2019

My Winter Friend

As dawn approached, I spotted a familiar wee face in the entrance of the old box that faces my kitchen window.

For the first time this season, an Eastern Screech Owl is using the shelter for daytime roosting and as a larder.

Prey birds are not nearly as happy as I am to see the little owl in their midst. They are swift to spread the unwelcome news to their fellows.

A Cooper's hawk checks the yard on a regular basis so the little owl is wise to stay hidden during daylight hours. 

Within their hives, my bees cluster and shiver their flight muscles for warmth. Their honey will nourish them throughout the winter as well as provide a delicious sweetener for my toast, salad dressings and drinks. In the event of a power outage, bees wax candles provide clear and fragrant light. But, perhaps above all else, I just love to see them humming from flower to flower, benefiting all.

The lawnmower is on winter vacation while the snow blower has reported for duty. Each season has it's own beauty. Now that I'm retired, I especially love to look out the window at gently falling snow. Snow that becomes an insulating blanket to those who sleep beneath.


  1. Birds are like us. We all have someone with more clout we have to beware of.
    Love the idea of snow being an "insulating blanket for those who sleep beneath".

  2. Your words today are a poem with a tribute to birds, bees and the season, loved every one,Look at the hives all wrapped up, and the owl, what a beautiful view form your window.

  3. That pretty much sums it up: tractor away, snow blower out. Owl away, hawks out! Lovely post.

  4. Now living in coastal Florida, I'm missing the snow (at times) so these pictures are very much enjoyed!

  5. I agree with Jean, what you've written today sounds lovely. The season has moved on to the next just like that it seems. Your hives look very cozy with their extra layers. And a little owl to watch is just the best of nature.

  6. You sure get a variety of birds. I would love to see an owl in the wild. My daughter, who lives in an apartment in Los Angeles, took a bee-keeping class. Loved it, but doesn't know anyone who lives in a house with a yard who would like to have a beehive.


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