Thursday, 28 February 2019

Farewell To February

The month has been cold, snowy and very icey. I certainly made good use of the ice cleats that strap on over my snow boots. Note to self: Buy a larger stock of salt/sand for next winter.

For a couple of weeks now, I have not seen my resident blue jays. As usual, they disappear from my yard at this time of year and prepare for their nesting season in a more secluded area. Consequently, my Eastern Screech Owl, who has been keeping me company this winter, is emboldened to sun bath in full view on her roost box's door rail. I presume it's a 'her' because of her size which is always larger than the male.

Through partly closed eyes she tolerates me taking yet another picture.

Screech owls have been using the boxes I made since 2004. But disappointingly, only for winter roosting, never for nesting. Lucky for owl fans, the Jollyville screech owl live camera is again keeping tabs on their stars, Olivia and Alton in Austin, Texas, USA. Last year the pair hatched five eggs. Live feed video of these owls can be seen at:

House mate/cat friend, Ellie Mae is an excellent reporter when something unusual appears outside. From one of her window seats, her body language says, "Hey, get off that couch and look at what's outside." At dusk a couple of weeks ago she pointed out a red fox that was running up our laneway. It's tail was bare except for a short piece of fur on the tip. Mange is a terrible thing. The poor creature ran up my drive and then away down the public road on a desperate mission of some sort.

This morning Ellie Mae pointed out a happier scene --a mother wild turkey followed by two of last year's poults. 

Mother Wild Turkey strolls about my ice laden yard.

One of her two accompanying poults follows her lead.

Sorry gang, the squirrels have already polished off the bird seed.


  1. Love owls but have only seen one on my property and he was a monster--almost 3 feet tall--. it was dark and my dog ran it off. Still I think they are such neat birds.

    1. Wow Patti -- almost three feet tall! That is a whopper!

  2. I enjoy your owls. I guess seeing them roost is wonderful. The poor fox.
    Our cats are like yours, they point out things in the yard!!!!
    Lovely post!

  3. Oh, yes, my brain is slow... is that a new header? I love it. How beautiful.

    1. As always, thank you for the comments, Jennifer. They encourage me to keep posting from my patch. No, my header isn't new. I made it about a year ago. My photoshop training from my working days has come in handy.

  4. As you know, I never tire of looking at owls. And at the Barred owls of Indianna cam site, the female has been spotted checking out the box! I can't wait. Haven't seen our lone turkey here for a while now. But I did photograph a fox at our feeder. Yikes.


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