Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Jimmy Scores A Meal

I've a soft spot for skunks. Aside from the cute factor (in my view, their babies are as darling as any kitten), they help keep rodent populations and insect grubs in check. You have to admire their natural ability to use 'bear spray' if threatened. Unbullied, they are shy and peaceable. Skunks and I have shared many walkabouts and I must say, they have been nothing but polite to me. My cat, Ellie Mae, prefers them to other cats.

As children, we thoroughly enjoyed the series of fictional animal adventure books by Thornton W. Burgess. One of these was titled 'The Adventures Of Jimmy Skunk'. Consequently, we tend to refer to every skunk we see as 'Jimmy'.

Last night I opened the back porch door to let Ellie Mae in for the night. There, staring back at me from the garage, was a surprised little skunk. I asked him if he was hungry. He only silently stared back and remained perfectly still.

"Just wait there, Jimmy, and I'll bring you something."  When I returned with some dog food and a slice of bread, the shy fellow was nowhere to be seen. So I left the meal in a little wooden trough. About half an hour later he was back. Concentrating on the food, he never even looked up as I snapped this picture.

Enjoy your meal, Jimmy! Your tail could certainly use a good brushing. Just sayin'.

One of the Thornton W. Burgess books we enjoyed as children.


  1. Jimmy,enjoy those treats, Even with a tail unbrushed, your are still a handsome boy.

  2. Aww he is a handsome fellow. I once rescued a de-scented skunk and while we never bonded, he had full run of the house and used the sandbox like a cat.

  3. Gosh, that's so cute!
    There are many myths about skunks. We adore ours, too!
    I forgot about Burgess!!!

  4. You could be right, about my weasel/pine marten!!!

  5. OH Florence how well I remember those book covers and taking them out of the library in Corner Brook as a girl. A family of skunks lived under daughter's house for a couple of years and you are right, the little ones are adorable. No one wanted to hurt them but SIL wanted them gone and tried a humane trap that finally worked; he let them out in a field behind his work place. One has been checking out my compost bin.


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