Saturday, 26 May 2018

May -- Whats Not To Like?

As usual, May has been a delightful month.

Baltimore Orioles, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and Gray Catbirds are feeding at the grape jam dispenser. They are on their second jar of the treat.

Meanwhile the garden is already productive. I've been lunching on garden asparagus, and boiled wild nettle greens. Also, rhubarb is in season and I've been using it to make sauce, cold drinks and pie. I make pretty good bread (even if I do say so myself) but my pie crust certainly needs improvement. It's tasty enough but much too heavy. Perhaps the next time I'll try using shortening instead of butter.

The Royal wedding was a special viewing treat. The pagentry! The lovely frocks! The celebrities! The sumptuous flowers! The music! At least a quarter of my ancestors were from England so I do feel a strong connection to the U.K. Yes, Prince Harry and Meghan were gorgeous but for me, the beautiful horses were the stars of the procession. Windsor grays and Household Cavalry horses groomed and tacked to perfection. Wonderful! And those frosty glasses of Pimm's looked so refreshing.

I did find it interesting to see so many elegantly dressed and hatted ladies, tottering riskily on very high and thin heels during their long walk to St. George's Chapel. Many were clutching their escorts' arms for safety and studying the path ahead for imperfections. In contrast, the elder royals, in their nineties, strolled unaided and easily along. I guess fashion and vanity prevails today as it did for me, long ago.

The Baltimore Orioles are already on their second jar of grape jam.

A female Ruby-throated hummingbird has journeyed far with those long wings!

A Brown Thresher belts out a medley of the songs of other birds.

Spring-Beauties and a wee beetle beastie.

Let the cheerful bouquets begin!

The wonderful fresh scent of laundry, courtesy of the sun and gentle breezes.

Young nettle tops make a nutritious boiled side-dish green.

My rhubarb pie. Tasty but I really need to improve my pie crust recipe.

I hope this prevents "Your car was there but no one was home."


  1. The wedding, down here it was on TV so late, but I stayed until the end, at 1.45 a.m. Beautiful, elegant, her Mum was so graceful, and YES, those heels, I did have some tall ones too many years ago.Safety and comfort come first every day now, and good sneakers prevail for most of our winter, except for a special occasion. Laundry, we had a fine day yesterday after a frost, so I scurried round and found everything that almost needed to go into the machine, and all dry and smelling so fresh.How we relish a fine day.

  2. Love Baltimore Orioles. I have had some visit my hummingbird feeder this year. First I have seen in over 60 years. Like you, I enjoyed visiting with the Brits. I'm half English and half Irish. My folks use to tease--Cockney English and Shanty Irish though there was a Lady thrown in there.
    I need one of those sighs.

  3. Oh Florence so much for me to love in this post. Gorgeous photos including that pie! Yes next time use shortening...I swear by the vintage Crisco recipe. This is really the most wonderful time of year. Last week for the very first time I saw a bluebird and yesterday Tony came and got me to look at a remarkable moth at the barn; I took a picture and will go about identifying it if I can. Love your flowers too.

  4. I've been thinking about you, your bugs and birds and blooms!

  5. I followed your advice, and fixed my birdbath, finally! Thanks so much!


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