Sunday, 7 January 2018

Bunny Buffet

Eastern Ontario is bitterly cold these days. And with extreme cold comes an increased need for calories. A wild rabbit is making use of my backyard's many hiding places as well as the nourishment from the black oil seed that I put out for the birds.

Yesterday, in addition to more sunflower seeds, I bought a small bag of rabbit pellets from the local livestock feed store. I've gotten rather attached to my cotton-tail neighbour and wanted to give it a special treat.

To keep the birds from interfering, I waited until dusk and then put out portions of sunflower seeds, rabbit pellets and peanuts. Soon bunny arrived at the buffet. It completely ignored the commercial rabbit pellets and the peanuts. For about fifteen minutes it munched on the sunflower seeds and then hopped over to where I had put carrot slices and ate a few of those. At dawn this morning, the pile of sunflower seeds had been reduced but the other two courses had been shunned. As bluejays became active, the peanuts soon vanished! The pellets remain untouched.

Bugs Bunny may love carrots, but this Cotton-tail merely finds them okay.

What stations do you pick up with those alert rabbit ears?

Rabbit pellets and peanuts are shunned by this picky diner.

Is everything to your satisfaction here, Sir or Madame?

Those peanuts really hit the spot! May I have some more please?

Even when my Eastern Screech Owl is hidden within a roost box during the day, I have reliable informants that let me know when it is in residence.

A White-Breasted Nuthatch announces that an owl hides within.

When the coast is clear, the owl appears and squints through partly closed eyes.

This morning's thermometer reading. Not exactly balmy, is it?

Hand-knitted by a skilled and generous cousin, these wool-blend socks are pure luxury!!


  1. What a platter!!! Dinner time for Bunny must be a treat in that cold, The socks, beautiful, and your thermometer, what bliss for me to see both F and C at the same time. Utterly cold at our -29C !!!

  2. Fussy little bunny isn't he or she? Good thing he/she is cute Now you are stuck with a bag of rabbit food.
    Stay warm and cozy.

  3. It's been so cold! Funny, it doesn't think it's good food!
    I'll look forward to what happens with your solar power for your trailcam.
    I love the owl box. I don't know if owls compete for space. I think, with my barred owls, I might not do a box for a smaller one.

  4. Lovely socks...just the ticket these days. I actually went shopping for warmer mittens yesterday.
    Your bunny photos are beautiful and it seems odd it didn’t like the real bunny food...I know the sunflower seeds have a lot of nutrition in them. Interesting.

  5. Love your rabbit pictures. We have hares here in Saskatoon. We feed them oates and they eat a lot! It has been very cold.


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