Sunday, 29 October 2017

October Bush Excursion

Our property is privileged to include approximately eighteen acres of hardwood bush. It's native trees have supplied our family with lumber, firewood, delicious butternuts and of course a retreat to enjoy nature and drink in the fragrant, clean air.

The nose of our tractor, as we head towards our property's bush lot.

Leaves of many native tree species decorate the ground.

The distinctive criss-cross pattern of a mature Butternut tree's bark.

Wildlife (and myself) enjoy the sweetness of Nannyberry (Viburnum lentago) fruit.

This summer a dead Butternut tree (juglans cinerea) had fallen down beside a field. A tidy up was called for. As well, I envisioned rounds cut from it's trunk and used for footpaths through my flower beds.

My brother skillfully cuts 'stepping stone' rounds from a fallen Butternut tree.

He cut thirty-six of them. They will make dandy garden footpaths.

After we cleared away the expired old Butternut tree my brother discovered a fallen White Ash tree (Fraxinus americana) just a short walk away. In it's younger life, a vine had climbed it, making the trunk grow wiggly. That tree has now been added to my firewood stash.
A vine had climbed this now fallen White Ash tree, making the trunk grow wiggly.

Easy to split and with a low moisture content, White Ash makes excellent firewood.


  1. Lovely rounds of wood, do you have a petrol splitter or a hand axe? Rounds for pavers, wonderful addition to any garden.Recently I saw a ladder for display only, using thinner tree trunks, and the rungs were also thinner ones, lashed to the uprights. Your curly tree would suit this idea so well.At least one side would be there.

    1. As always, Jean, I do appreciate your cyber visits. Yes, my brother has a dandy petrol splitter which has processed tonnes of firewood in decades past. Now in our senior years, we enjoy the comfort and convenience of high-efficiency propane central heating in each of our homes. However, we both own wood-burning stoves and small supplies of firewood in case of winter power outages. Also, we are reluctant to completely abandon our traditions. The display ladder you saw sounds nifty. I love rustic items.

  2. Looks like such a gorgeous day! My favourite kind of weather. I love your idea of using the rounds of wood for a footpath. That will look wonderful.
    Enjoy your week!

  3. I was excited to see that butternut tree bark as I’ ve noticed that exact kind of tree and wondered why it looked like that...I thought it meant the tree very old. It’s times like this I realize what a novice woods person I am! Oh my but the squirrels and chipmunks are so busy these days...darting every which way here. It is always so good to spend time in the woods and even better to gather some fire wood.

  4. So much work. We had some trees taken down last month. Widow makers, and all!


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