Monday, 25 September 2017

Hot, hot, hot!

Ottawa broke a weather record yesterday for September 24th with a scorching high of 31.8 Celcius and a humidex of 39. One of my nephews lives in the nearby village of Renfrew and sent me a picture of his thermometer registering over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. One upside to this autumn heat wave is that it finally put an end to my backyard's mosquito reign of terror!

Much cooler in our barn yesterday, these youngsters looked quite comfy.

My nephew took this picture of his backyard thermometer.

Cool looking ferns in our bush lot have not yet gone dormant.

Usually dry at this time, our drainage ditch still offers a water source for wildlife.

Keeping larger birds off this feeder, the net did not deter everyone.


  1. They look so cheeky, as if to say " Why not". Too hot for me, although we have already had some warmer days.

  2. Great photos especially the one of the raccoons in your barn.
    I noticed here too the ferns have not died off yet.
    Keep cool!

  3. Hi Florence, yes the same heat here and surprising what is still growing and thriving. Our pond levels have sunk but still lots for the deer and other wildlife that I'm sure take advantage of it as a watering hole. It used to have thousands of frogs (a bit scary actually) but not any more...watched two smallish heron like birds trolling the water one day so I think that's where the frogs have gone!Saw a fawn for the first time the other day. Always so interesting, isn't it?!

  4. Great pictures - I love the shot of the racoon! I'd love to see one of those.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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