Tuesday, 1 August 2017

August Snapshots

With the arrival of August, I already sense the days starting to shorten. This year's extraordinary rainy spell has finally broken and sunshine, strong and steady, prevails. Flowers have responded to the abundant moisture and are showing off with exceptional blooms

Cut a week ago, this cheery bouquet of Black-Eyed Susans still looks fresh.

A honey bee gathering pollen from an Anenome blossom.

Foot long seed pods dangle from one of my Honey Locust trees.

One of the perks of keeping honey bees is the accumulation of hive parts which can be repurposed. I found a new use for the little pieces of wood used in frames to retain wax sheets. Already, my backyard birds are enjoying this contraption.

Six little sticks that once held beeswax sheets in honey frames have a new calling.

Frame strips see the light of day as a deluxe feeder perch and beak wiper.

A Downy Woodpecker kindly puts seeds in reach of a young Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

Into his moult phase, father Rose-breasted Grosbeak appears rather bedraggled.

The cage excludes seed tossing bigger birds but admits these American Gold Finches.

The City of Ottawa just waved farewell to 'La Machine'. This was live theatre entertainment from France in which two gigantic robots (a spider and a horse/dragon) stalked the downtown streets with it's own orchestra and special effects.

Very clever and entertaining, but I have my own version of huge metal beasts prowling outside. The road beside my home has been ripped up and massaged for a new roadbed and surface. There are gravel trucks and graders and water tankers and roller/compacter machines that shake the earth, including the foundation my house. Dishes rattle on the counter and coffee dances in my cup. I must admit, it is beginning to wear a little on my nerves.

At end of this operation, I'll have a lovely new road to travel, but I'll be glad when the machinery finishes the job and moves elsewhere. The novelty has worn off!

The roller/compactor machine I call 'Bone Rattler' retires for the evening.


  1. I liked La Machine! I didn't go, but the kids took photos. It was amazing.
    When did it nearly get to September?????

  2. I just love how you so cleverly repurpose items especially for the birding friends. Love seeing your photos of them enjoying their extensions. I am always amazed at how different birds will inhabit the feeder space without fighting...yet some of the same kind will run at each other. I have enjoyed seeing so many Northern Flickers on the ground here with young just now in the side yard. Only ever saw one at the old place. Always interesting, heh.


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