Friday, 5 May 2017

Spring Beauties

Yesterday a window of fair weather opened in our otherwise lengthy stretch of rain. My camera and I took a hike to our bush lot. The trees were still mostly bare but the ground was carpeted with wild flowers -- primarily Spring-Beauty (Claytonia virginica).

Spring-Beauties may be one source of pink pollen collected by my honey bees.

A Brown Thrasher has been belting out medleys from my garden's tree tops.

His mimicry is impressive. Some songs are copied from species living further south.

A rabbit enjoying some young and tender dandelion leaves.

A male Tree Swallow staking a claim to one of my three dozen bird boxes.

Never used by Martins, for which this house was built, a House Wren shows interest.

He loudly chatters out an invitation to any and all ladies of his kind.


  1. bird boxes, a safe warm dry nesting place, and from now on they will all be getting used and visited regularly. The Tree Swallow, a beautiful photo, my favourite for today.

  2. Lovely photos of the birds, Florence. I have not noticed any Spring Beauty here and even the hardy Trout Lily is very scarce. Maybe it has been too wet for them...we are joking about needing a canoe soon.

  3. Great photos! So glad you saw a bit of nice weather too. Our one day was Wednesday.
    Love the photo of the Brown Thrasher singing.
    Take care.

  4. You have so many bird boxes! It's wonderful. It makes me feel better.


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