Sunday, 11 September 2016

Minor Damage

Wowee, did we ever get a storm here last night! High winds, heavy rain and almost continuous thunder and lightning. There were times the flashes were so bright and constant it looked like daylight outside. The television kept displaying public service warnings of possible tornadoes in this area and to seek immediate shelter. Scary stuff!!!

A walkabout survey this morning revealed no major damage but my lovely sweet pea vines were certainly brutalized. At least I had captured a few pics of them the previous day.

Sweet pea flowers make fragrant and colourful bouquets.


  1. Beautiful shades in every flower, so glad you are safe.

  2. I think we got most of the same storm Florence. The thunder crashes were so loud the dogs would bark at it.
    I have never grown sweet peas and because of your lovely photos I have added them to my list for next year.

  3. I cannot believe you still had blossoms! Everything is SSSOOOOOO dry here! Even after last night's rain.


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