Thursday, 10 December 2015

Home Invasion

I've had a home invasion. Thankfully, not by the two legged sort that would involve the police department but the four legged, rodent variety.

So far this season, I've trapped twenty-three mice and one mole in areas of the house not considered my living quarters. But in the past couple of weeks I've heard loud gnawing sounds coming from between the walls. Then I heard thumps and the sound of running feet -- and not tiny feet either. Rats have invaded the  house in the past and I suspected this was again the case. Yesterday I came face to face with the culprit in an upstairs room. It was one of the red squirrels.

Two red squirrels reside on the grounds around my house. One has a short tail and never ventures north of the house. The other one has his original long tail and never goes south of the house. They are both territorial and stay out of each other's established domain. The one that is entering my house is the South-sider with the short tail. It must learn that the house is my domain. Here it is not welcome. Steps will be taken, etc. .... (scowl, hands on hips).

Today I received a cute little rodent that is very welcome in my home. It was a gift from my sister who is an expert sewer and quilter. She took one look at the crude eyeglasses case I had made out of an old sock and presented me with one of her much more 'up market' creations. I love it!

My spiffy new eyeglasses case which my sister made.

It replaces this one that I had made from the toe of an old sock.

Goldfinches frolic on this December 10th record high of 11.2 degrees Celsius.

My winter gardening -- mung bean sprouts. Very tasty!

Ellie Mae stakes her claim to the centre of the couch.


  1. I panic at the thought of a mouse or rat, and if I actually see one or more,things get so much worse for me. I know they are small, and possibly harmless, but cannot overcome my fear.Squirrels, none here, Super glasses case, mung sprouts. yummy, a wonderful bird feeder, and the darling Ellie Mae, a natural hottie right there.

  2. Awwww. I mean your cat and gift. The rats, not so much!
    Oh dear.. what will you do about it?!

  3. We deal with mice in the house every fall; hubby says in the country there will be mice. But I don't like them in the kitchen cupboards so we use two humane traps. One year I got 11; we let them go out by the wood pile and began to wonder if we were catching the same ones over again. I've gotten four so far this year and we have taken them further into the woods to release.
    I have two red squirrels too and sadly they seem to have scared away the chipmunks I watched for several years. Have lots of black and gray squirrels; they all love the sunflower seeds it seems.


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