Sunday, 12 July 2015

Easy Living

On this sultry summer day, you can almost hear the strains of the Gershwin aria from Porgy and Bess.

"Summertime, and the livin' is ea-z-z-z-y."

And the easy living extends to the flora and fauna hereabouts. Rains and warmth have brought a bounty of blossoms and berries. My honey bees are now spoiled for choice and so they forage on only the most tasty of the flowers. Currently, they seem to favour raspberry and catnip blooms.

After years of trying to establish hollyhocks, I've finally succeeded.

These showy flowers provide generous servings of pollen to all comers.

Raspberry blossoms are a honey bee's wish come true.

More than felines love this cat mint (nip).

A hummingbird visiting the Monarda flowers.

In this ideal weather, my deck and Aderondak chairs are made well use of. After all, this is summertime and the living (at least for happily retired folk) is easy!

My outdoor living room. The cats prefer to sit under the chairs.

Left to right, Fergus (a.k.a. Gus, formerly known as Oscar) and Ellie Mae.

In the depth of winter, I will fondly remember days such as this.


  1. Hollyhock filling the frame, stunning, and naturally my favourite is "who is sitting under my chair" They are a perfect addition to any home and family.

  2. I remember Hollyhock....I love the sure do have a nice place....and you also plant for the bees.


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