Thursday, 22 December 2022

Seasons Greetings!

Hard to believe it's that time of year again!! I've hung coloured lights in three windows and brought in a bouquet of evergreens and highbush cranberries. Being partial to owls, couldn't resist buying this little glass decoration.


To see how tame I can get the resident ravens, I've been putting out scraps plus a little dog kibble each morning. It wasn't long before they became used to the routine. Two regulars which I assume to be a pair, soar in to check the menu. The smaller and bolder of the two, which I assume to be the female, usually arrives first. Then the larger and more cautious one swings in and approaches the food with wary side steps. They bolt down the small stuff and take larger bits away to stash elsewhere. The ravens more than earn their treats by the pleasure I get from watching them. 

At a quick glance, from a distance, many folk mistake ravens for crows. But ravens are much larger, with stouter bills and long wedge-shaped tails. They have shaggy throat feathers and their hoarse croak is quite unlike a crow's call. They soar like hawks and have much smaller social groups than crows. Several years ago in January, I was sitting in my car at a mall parking lot. A pair of ravens were performing their courtship flight above the buildings. Tumbling and soaring, gliding wing tip to wing tip and even locking toes and somersaulting in mid-air. I was awe-struck and sorry for the people who missed the spectacular show by simply not looking up.  

I've named them Alice and Zeke.
Check out that distinctive raven beak.
Take away for another day.


Last week Ellie Mae went missing. She is an indoor/outdoor free spirit sort of cat but usually stays indoors after the first snow fall. I was a bit worried that she might have been taken by a coyote. I'm never concerned that she would be road kill as she associates the road with people. She is terrified of humans who are not me. (It took many months of meals to earn her trust in me.) Then, two days later, there she was sitting patiently on the deck. She looked just fine and was not particularly hungry for breakfast. So I'm pretty sure she was mousing in the barn and just enjoying it too much to leave. A note would have been nice! Anyway, the excursion seems to have satisfied her for now and she's back to keeping me company 24/7.

Ellie Mae is my name and mousing is my game.


Before I blink my eyes and the year is gone, I want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2023. A heartfelt thank you to all who have taken time to leave a comment on my posts and for sharing your lives through your own blogs.


  1. Hi Florence--I love your glass owl! And (as always) your nature photos of those ravens were just awesome. I always learn new things here... I was shocked to read Ellie Mae just took off like that, your "a note would've been nice" remark gave me a chuckle though--just glad she's safe indoors and looking prettier than ever. (Also, loved the header photo.) Florence, I feel like we're real online friends (and I don't say that lightly) and it's been a real joy visiting your blog, as your visits have been to mine. I sure hope you have a wonderful Christmas & Happy New Year.

  2. Loved the Raven close ups. I am not sure I have ever seen any but now I know how to distinguish them. Thanks.
    I'm sure you heard me gasp when you said Ellie Mae went missing. Delighted that she returned no worse for the wear. You said she doesn't like people so I guess she didn't just vacation at a neighbors. I too loved the "note" comment.

  3. Oops, almost forgot, Merry Christmas and a splendid 2023.

  4. Hi Florence, I love your Christmas decorations. Simple and natural. A few years ago I read an article about ravens. I didn’t realize they were bigger with larger beaks than crows. Once you see the difference in beaks they get easier to spot. Ellie Mae, you naughty girl! Off on an adventure! Miss Kitty has done that once since we took her in a few years ago. We have lots of coyotes and other things here that could do her harm. Like Ellie Mae she turned up a couple days later just fine.
    Have a wonderful Christmas Florence!❤️❤️

  5. Hi Florence, I enjoyed my catch up with you this morning. I read The Body a few years ago and was fascinated by the facts. Who knew!! I use my air fryer at least once a week. I throw just about everything in it as well as meat. It has never ruined anything. I have resident ravens here too who check out the feeders most mornings. I too love them and like the way they give way to smaller critters. Hope that continues! So happy that Ellie Mae returned safe and sound from her adventure/walk about. She is a beautiful cat. Happy Holidays to you dear and hope this nasty weather is by passing you.

  6. The ravens, even names, they will be so thankful of a feed, and 'm sure will be permanent residents. Ellie Mae, how could you? Hope she stays put for now. And the owl on branches with red berries, perfect for the season. Many best wishes to you Florence, have a joyous Christmas, stay safe and warm.


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