Friday, 17 September 2021

Indigo Blue

Disappointingly, Eastern Bluebirds did not use my nest boxes this year. In fact they never even showed up to use my bird baths which were such a hit with them last year. Sure hope they are okay and just like it better elsewhere.

But this summer another little bird with a suit of blue frequented the baths. A male Indigo Bunting. I'm sure the female was here as well but unrecognized with her plumage of streaky brown.

A male Indigo Bunting checking out the scene.

In shade, he'd look black but the sunlight paints a brighter colour.

He steps cautiously into the pool.

Ah-h-h, feels absolutely wonderful!!
Well, that was refreshing! Must come back soon!

Since it was an extra hot summer, it was almost a full time job to keep my three bird baths clean and refilled.

A Northern Flicker stops by to wet his whistle.

Dad and Junior Robin take a dip.

The metal bath is well used but not quite as popular.

A crowd of starlings quickly reduce the water level.

On my last visit to a grocery store, one of my impulse buys was a box of tulip bulbs. In the Spring they should produce a cheerful bouquet for the table.

Bulbs from a grower in Holland to my flower border.

I tacked a net over them to thwart skunks, squirrels and a certain cat.

Wild asters contrast nicely beside a pot of nasturtiums.

Ellie Mae's favourite hobby is catching and eating mice.

"Well, that was tasty! What's for afters?"


Sunday, 29 August 2021

Destination Morrisburg

A few weeks ago, I fancied a change of scenery and so dusted off my Yaris for a little road trip. After driving for a mere three-quarters of an hour, I arrived at my destination. Namely, Morrisburg Marine Park on the Saint Lawrence River! Before the photos from that jaunt get any more stale, I thought I'd better toss them into a post.
I drove through Winchester with it's dairy-themed hydro poles.
Entering the county of South Dundas. The fire ban was off that day.
Morrisburg's water tower was having an overhaul.
On the waterfront, a helpful map encourages folk to explore.
The jetty is one of my favourite hangouts.
There were rows of these colourful and very comfortable Adirondack chairs.

I wonder if Dan & Dan is short for Danny and Danielle.
Visitors from Quebec rolled up in these sporty vehicles.
Folk were heeding the social distancing reminders.
A vintage-themed mural adds interest to the Giant Tiger parking lot.

The logo's tiger seems to appreciate the cheery vanity plate message.

After a refreshing and enjoyable hang out at the marina, I took a little stroll up Lakeshore Drive to admire some of Morrisburg's lovely old buildings.
A grand old tree that gives the home both shade and privacy.
The lush cover of vines makes me imagine a cool and tranquil interior.
I love the hot colour of those double doors.
Elegant roof crestings decorate many of the 19th century buildings.
Another grand old building with a great view of the river.

On the way home, I stopped in to say 'Hi' to my beekeeper friends in Williamsburg. This year they added four new bee colonies to their honey bee population. I like the bright box colours to help returning foragers quickly find their own hives.