Wednesday, 27 July 2022

July Update

Goodness, it's nearly the end of July already! Since I like to toss out a post at least once in each month I thought I'd better plink one out now. Gotta prove to far flung cousins and blogging friends that I'm still above ground. Also, my camera needed a month's worth of files downloaded and sorted through.

I consider my backyard birds to be pets without strings attached. No vet bills or responsibility required. When my Baltimore oreoles were feeding their nestlings, they would sometimes fly onto my jelly feeder with an insect in their beaks, dip the insect in the grape jelly and fly off to feed their babies with the sweetened protein. Didn't know they sometimes use 'condiments' on their food.

The male notices the flashing light on my camera.
The female watching for her fledglings.
One of her youngsters, parked hopefully by the jelly feeder.
Dad dishes out a beakful of goop.
Mom's turn to dish out the sweets to her sweeties.
Youngsters now helping themselves.
Licking the containers clean.


I've been busy doing minor repairs to the homestead involving some carpentry and some masonry work. So I paid a visit to a Home Hardware store to buy bags of cement.

On display, just inside the store's entrance was an inviting looking camp chair. Sat down on it and was blown away by the comfort. In fact, I almost nodded off right there and then. Lots of padding is just what my scrawny old body requires. Come winter, I'll use it indoors. 

Home Hardware's Kuma Outdoor Gear Lazy Bear camp chair.

Now that's what I call 'luxury'.


I usually download my e-books from the Ottawa Public Library. This morning I saw a book promoted by it's author on YouTube. I thought I'd buy a copy for my iPad's Kindle app. It would keep me entertained the next time I find myself in a waiting room.

ARgghhhh! Earlier this month, Amazon quit supporting the Kindle App. It now wants e-books downloaded to their Kindle Unlimited which requires a $10 monthly fee. Nope! Digging my heals in on this one on account of principle. I figure when you buy a book, you shouldn't have to pay for a subscription as well. Anyway, just a wee sip from the well of disappointment.

A few more snaps from my camera.

I've planted several sunflowers in the yard this year.
A day lily offering it's pollen to passers by.
Each year my monarda flowers expand a little further into the lawn.
Wildflowers make reliable and long lasting bouquets.
Laundry dancing with a warm summer breeze.
My sister's 'Casper Tom'. He is partial to catnip.
Ellie Mae asking if her breakfast is ready yet.


  1. The moment I saw there was a new Buzz and Flutter post, I shut off my laptop and ran into my bedroom to get my Samsung tablet so I could see your wonderful photographs in hi-def. My God Florence, those oreoles pics are gorgeous! Loved the jam backstory, love studying these up close. Thank you. Your new camp chair looks very comfortable and just right for you, great picture of you relaxing! And the clothes dancing in the breeze.. wonderful. Of course, always love seeing your Muse Ellie Mae. Just a wonderful post! 🙂♥️👍👍👍

    1. Aw-w-w Doug, it's generous comments like yours that encourage me to keep blogging. Really appreciate it, my friend! Gotta say, that puffy camp chair is second only to my couch in comfort! Havn't been as pleased with a purchase in a long time! Regarding the clothesline, I don't even need a clothes dryer machine. In winter the house is dry enough to absorb the laundry moisture when hung on a rack.

    2. In the winter I have a portable humidifier that runs nonstop because the air is so dry. I think I'm going to look into one of those foldable racks I see Europeans and Asians use to dry their clothes inside. PS Florence every time you put up a new blog, I think I'm done, I can't compete with this. I'm just saying! 🙂🙂🙂

    3. Can't compete?! Surely you're having a laugh! Nothing beats your accounts of human to human interaction. I really miss the entertaining tales of my workmates which preceded our day's work. You certainly help make up for that loss, Doug, and I thank you!

  2. The Orioles, what a delight to see them at the feeder, and the babies waiting.What a comfy chair, definitely summer time, sitting outside, and ebooks, that is so cruel to have to pay a sub to read them.Ellie Mae, you are always a delight to see.

    1. Hi Jean! Glad to know your eye surgery went well. I had my cateracts removed about fifteen years ago. Like you, they had to adjust my anaesthetic. Couldn't stand the bright operating light. Like you, I have a soft spot for felines. Unfortunately, no gingers to show you.

  3. Alrighty now, a Florence post. Always welcome. Loved the jelly grabbers and had no idea they used it for dipping.
    Did not know that about Amazon and the Kindle app. I knew they were not going to support old Kindles in August but not having bought a book from them in ages--I get the free ones--did not know their policy. Bummer.
    That chair really does look comfy and so do you. I did that with a porch swing once. Sat in it and had to have it.

    1. I never saw them dipping insects in jelly before either, Patti. I was thinking it would be a good way to keep the jelly from dripping away on their flight to the nestlings. I hope Amazon decides to change it's e-book subscription policy otherwise more misers like me will quit buying e-books from them. Some authors will download PDFs which slip nicely into my iPad's iBooks app. Yep, when an impulse purchase is just to comfortable to resist, go for it!

  4. Hi Florence, lovely to see a post from you!
    The Baltimore Orioles are gorgeous! I don’t think I have ever seen a young one. Aren’t they beautiful?
    Love seeing you relaxing in your new chair. It looks like it has good support. I have sat in a few of those over the years. You practically have to scooch to the edge and then fall out onto your knees to get up!
    Your flowers are incredible. My day lilies are done for now. Your bouquet is lovely. Makes me want to dash outside and pick a bunch of flowers!
    Love seeing someone else appreciate a clothesline. We haven’t owned a dryer in over thirty years so line drying is the only option here.
    Your sisters cat is magnificent and what can I say about Ellie Mae….she is smashing!😻
    Hope you are ok in this heat we have been having though I guess it is nothing compared to what Europe is having.
    Take care Florence!❤️

    1. Hi Robin! Regarding the camp chair, I find it easy to get in and out of. Although at 5'8", I likely have a height advantage. My favourite flowers of all are wildflowers. So many times I've curbed my impluse to jump out of the car and pick them along roadways. Anyway, I have plenty (considered weeds by farmers) of my own. Can't beat the sweet scent of sun dried laundry, huh? Not to mention the free, environment-friendly energy.

    2. At barely 5’3” I have a hard time with many chairs! Yours looks like it would be easier to get out of. I have been known to pull over and pick flowers!

  5. I too am amazed at your gorgeous bird and flower photos. What a delightful post, other than that Netflix/Kindle frustrations. And the comfy chair is just as much of a treat to see and you in it too! Good Stuff!

    1. Thank you for the kind encouragement, Jocelyn. I'm afraid I've been a bit lazy in the blogging department. My photos tend to pile up a bit before I empty the camera. Sometimes I'm surprised by what is sitting there, unviewed. Was a bit shocked at how thin I'm looking now. Though I feel fine, I could really use another five or ten pounds on the old frame.


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