Sunday, 29 August 2021

Destination Morrisburg

A few weeks ago, I fancied a change of scenery and so dusted off my Yaris for a little road trip. After driving for a mere three-quarters of an hour, I arrived at my destination. Namely, Morrisburg Marine Park on the Saint Lawrence River! Before the photos from that jaunt get any more stale, I thought I'd better toss them into a post.
I drove through Winchester with it's dairy-themed hydro poles.
Entering the county of South Dundas. The fire ban was off that day.
Morrisburg's water tower was having an overhaul.
On the waterfront, a helpful map encourages folk to explore.
The jetty is one of my favourite hangouts.
There were rows of these colourful and very comfortable Adirondack chairs.

I wonder if Dan & Dan is short for Danny and Danielle.
Visitors from Quebec rolled up in these sporty vehicles.
Folk were heeding the social distancing reminders.
A vintage-themed mural adds interest to the Giant Tiger parking lot.

The logo's tiger seems to appreciate the cheery vanity plate message.

After a refreshing and enjoyable hang out at the marina, I took a little stroll up Lakeshore Drive to admire some of Morrisburg's lovely old buildings.
A grand old tree that gives the home both shade and privacy.
The lush cover of vines makes me imagine a cool and tranquil interior.
I love the hot colour of those double doors.
Elegant roof crestings decorate many of the 19th century buildings.
Another grand old building with a great view of the river.

On the way home, I stopped in to say 'Hi' to my beekeeper friends in Williamsburg. This year they added four new bee colonies to their honey bee population. I like the bright box colours to help returning foragers quickly find their own hives.


  1. Florence, glad you enjoyed your trip! (I like that town's name too, Morrisburg--that's my name, you know) :^) That church with the red doors and roof trim was cool, does that adornment really throw off pigeons or lightning? Seeing the beehives in unique colors was both sweet & practical. Anyway, very nice that all this is only an hour from you.

    1. Perhaps a branch of your Morris clan helped populate the village of Morrisburg in the long ago, Doug. I've noticed there are quite a few places called Morrisburg throughout your states. I have no idea what those fancy roof fretworks were for. But now I'm curious and will ask prof. Goggle.

    2. Update: Prof. Google says they are called 'roof crestings' and were nineteenth century architectural ornamentation and in some cases acted as snow guards. Ah ha! My guesses were w-a-y-y off!

  2. What a wonderful day out, those chairs are so inviting, and the old buildings, what happens when the greenery covered one gets too much growth? So good to know you can travel safely.

    1. I did enjoy the excursion, Jean, and very impressed with the well maintained parks, homes and gardens. The marina is a great spot to take a picnic lunch and a set of binoculars to watch the boat traffic which includes big sea going tanker ships from around the world. I would expect the vine covering the home gets clipped back around the windows a few times per season.

  3. What a wonderful trip. I love going to the water. At least I can enjoy your photos.

    1. Morrisburg really does a nice job of maintaining their parks, Jennifer. Each time I go there I scold myself for not making the trip more often.

  4. What a delightful town you visited. I really liked the power polls with the cow bottoms. That vine house looks low maintenance. Little water and trimming but no painting. Good idea. That big tree was beautiful. What a treat for kids to climb. Love old town murals. They do tell the story.
    Thanks for taking us on your getaway.

    1. Glad you liked my little tour, Patti. Not only does Morrisburg have a well maintained waterfront park but they also have plenty of stores, shops and restaurants. And across the St. Lawrence River, I can see the State of New York.


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